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Southern Illinois University Carbondale - 2017

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


A student must be admitted to both the University and the College of Engineering. For University admission, one must be a graduate of a recognized high school. Graduates of non-recognized high schools may be admitted by an entrance examination. A student who has not completed high school may be considered for admission by completing the GED test. New freshmen are considered for admission on the basis of a combination of class rank and test scores (ACT). In addition, students entering the University are required to have completed selected high school courses to qualify for unconditional admission.

Subsequent admission to the College of Engineering is selective and competitive, and it is based on an individual review of each application; emphasis is placed on ACT composite scores and math sub-scores, class ranking, and course work and test scores in mathematics. Criteria used for admission to the College of Engineering may be above and beyond the University's standards for general admission. These criteria recognize that SIUC engineering and technology students are an exceptional and committed group. Success in College programs demands academic dedication, personal discipline, and sufficient preparation at the high-school level.


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