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Southern Illinois University Carbondale - 2017

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The B.S. degree programs in engineering require 32 semester hours of general education; 15 to 21 hours of basic science; 17 semester hours of mathematics and 61 to 64 hours of engineering courses, depending upon the specific major. Total semester hours range from 126 to 131. A grade point average of 2.0 out of a possible 4.0 is required in the major as well as overall.

Master's Degree Requirements

The thesis option leading to the M.S. degree requires 30 semester hours of acceptable graduate credit, including 6 hours of thesis credit. The non-thesis option requires 36 semester hours of approved graduate credit, including 3 hours devoted to a research paper.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. program requires 50 hours of graduate credit including 9 hours of core courses, 15 hours of approved courses in an area of concentration, 24 hours of dissertation research, and two hours of seminar.