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University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Engineering - 2017

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Engineering Information

Support Programs

College's Under-Represented Student Groups

National Groups

  • Am. Indian Science & Engineering Soc.
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Society of Women Engineers

Local Groups

  • OU Association for Women in Science
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Other Student Support Programs

The University of Oklahoma (OU), Gallogly Student Affairs Team (GSAT) offers multiple types of support, professional development and career enhancement opportunities for all students in the College whether a student is incoming, continuing or graduating. Regarding guidance towards degree completion, the Williams Student Services Center (WSSC) provides students with academic guidance and coaching, degree program (major) selection, degree planning, course selection and scheduling, and degree clearance. From start to degree completion, WSSC serves as the primary contact for students as they navigate their path to degree completion. Additional services coordinated by GSAT include prospective student meetings, introductory orientation courses, mentoring activities, scholarship administration, internship and career exploration opportunities, diversity and inclusion programs, student organizations and competition team coordination, leadership enhancement and training programs, international and global opportunities, retention and tutoring services.

Regularly scheduled engineering information sessions are conducted for students who are considering a major in the Gallogly College of Engineering. Deans Leadership Council members assist with tours and student contact.

Deans Leadership Council members serve as mentors to all incoming freshmen and transfer students in conjunction with new student orientation classes. Mentoring contacts and activities start new students on the path toward success and provides them the opportunity to engage in activities and academic opportunities available in the Gallogly College of Engineering.

During the fall and spring semesters, students are provided free tutoring sessions in math, physics, chemistry and engineering courses.

Other resources on campus offer additional tutoring and support services to students. In the Assessment and Learning Center, students can utilize Learning and Success Series Seminars; ALEKS mathematics assessment and learning program; or utilize a variety of other computerized tutorials. All students have access to career and personal counseling at the Goddard Counseling Center. The Writing Center provides students assistance with all types of written assignments. Career Services extends assistance to all students regarding career goals, interviewing skills, workshops and seminars, and one-on-one guidance on creating effective resumes and cover letters. The new freshman student orientation, and transfer student orientation provides connections and important information as students transition into the University of Oklahoma (OU) community.

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a priority in our college, and the achievement of our diverse student body is testimony to that ideal. Open to all students, OU College of Engineering Diversity Programs facilitates the outreach, recruitment, retention and overall success of underrepresented minorities, including African American, Native American, Hispanic, women, first-generation college students and students with disabilities. Diversity programs also supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer students. One facet of Diversity Programs is the Multicultural Engineering Program.

The goal of Diversity and Inclusion is to cultivate and impact the retention efforts for underrepresented engineering students through tutoring, scholarships, professional development, career fair receptions, the annual Diversity Programs Awards Banquet, industry networking opportunities, textbook and calculator rental, laptop scholarships, ExxonMobil Peer Mentoring Opportunities, and sections of the Freshman Engineering Orientation Experience.

AT&T Summer Bridge is a four-week residential, on-campus program for freshman students who have been accepted to OU and who are planning to major in an engineering discipline. The camp has been designed to help students prepare academically for the rigor of engineering coursework through course credit, team building exercises and seminars. Additionally, students build relationships with peers, faculty and staff. The program includes all housing, meals, seminars, and team building exercises.

Scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds are available on a competitive basis with academic achievement used as selection criteria. Scholarship opportunities include Multicultural Engineering Scholarships, and other College-wide academic and leadership scholarships.

OU and its Gallogly College of Engineering have built a world- class, extraordinary ExxonMobil Lawrence G. Rawl Engineering Practice Facility (REPF) where current engineering students benefit from a real-world interdisciplinary experience. In this facility, kindergarten through 12th-grade students can be inspired to become one of tomorrow's engineers and scientists. The two-story, 41,000-square-foot practice facility includes 10,000 square feet that students can use to design and build engineering projects and senior capstone projects. Thousands of visitors look upon many varied and interesting projects, including students from kindergarten through 12th grade. This opportunity to share our projects and information about the College helps us to inspire today's young people to become tomorrow's engineers and provide a pipeline of future engineers for industry, research, innovation and government.

Students in the Gallogly College of Engineering at OU have numerous opportunities for leadership training via honors and recognition through college and university-wide honor societies, participation in the Jerry Holmes Engineering Leadership Program, and/or involvement in multiple engineering technical societies and organizations. Through affiliation with these organizations, students may become acquainted with practicing engineers. Active membership in student organizations facilitates leadership and teamwork opportunities fosters hands-on participation in an array of engineering projects.

In coordination with Career Services, our students can explore career paths, attend skill-building workshops, prepare resumes, attend job and internship career fairs and arrange interviews.

We encourage our students to obtain a global dexterity and cultural literacy through participation in education abroad programs, field research or international internships at some point during their university experience. The Gallogly College of Engineering currently coordinates study abroad programs in Clermont-Ferrand, France; Arezzo, Italy; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Puebla, Mexico. Additionally, engineering students participate in any number of available study abroad programs offered by the University. (The University of Oklahoma has 174 agreements in 66 countries.)