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University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Engineering - 2017

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Dual Degrees

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

Several undergraduate programs in other colleges offer minors for non-majors. Popular minors for engineering students reside in the College of Business. Industrial and Systems Engineering has a dual degree program offering a BS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree concurrently in 5 years. The students spend the first three years in the ISE program and take MCAT in their junior year. Once admitted to the MBA program, they spend the 4th year in the MBA program and the last year completing all requirements for both ISE and MBA program. The first graduate with the IE/MBA dual degree was in December 2006. Each engineering school also offers an accelerated BS/MS degree, which typically take five years to complete. These degrees are obtained in a sequential manner. Hence the number of graduates from the accelerated degree options are either counted in the BS or MS graduation numbers depending on where they fall in the respective degree programs.

The following is a list of BS/MS accelerated degree options in the Gallogly College of Engineering:
1. Accelerated BS/MS in Aerospace Engineering
2. Accelerated BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering
3. Accelerated BS/MS in Biomedical Engineering
4. Accelerated BS/MS in Chemical Engineering
5. Accelerated BS/MS in Chemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering
6. Accelerated BS/MS in Architectural Engineering/Civil Engineering
7. Accelerated BS/MS in Civil Engineering
8. Accelerated BS/MS in Environmental Engineering
9. Accelerated BS/MES in Environmental Science
10. Accelerated BS/MS in Computer Science
11. Accelerated BS/MS in Computer Engineering/Computer Science
12. Accelerated BS/MS in Computer Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering
13. Accelerated BS/MS in Electrical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering
14. Accelerated BS/MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering
15. Accelerated BS/MBA in Industrial and Systems Engineering/Business Administration
16. Accelerated BS/MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering/Analytics
17. Accelerated BS/MBA in Petroleum Engineering/Business Administration
18. Accelerated BS/MS in Petroleum Engineering

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degrees Awarded