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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Biomedical Engineering

Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation; Cardiovascular Engineering; Materials, Cells, and Tissues; Imaging and Biophotonics; and Vision Research

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biotechnology and Bioengineering; Complex Systems; Environmental Catalysis, Kinetics and Reaction Engineering; Modeling, Theory, and Simulation; Polymer Science and Engineering; Transport Processes; Nanotechnology; Molecular Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering and Science, Geotechnics and Environmental Geotechnics, Mechanics of Materials and Solids, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Transportation Systems Analysis and Planning, Structural Engineering and Infrastructure Materials

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering Solid State Engineering, Photonics, and Nanotechnology; Networks, Communications & Control, Signal, Image, and Video Processing; Parallel and Distributed Computing, Architecture, VLSI Design and CAD, Distributed databases and Data Mining, Algorithms and Applications, Bioinformatics, Computational Finance, Arts and Technologies, Computer Games, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Simulation, Design of Learning Environments, Intelligent Information Systems, Multi-Agent Modeling, Graphics and Visualization, Human Computer Interaction, Visual Perception, Computer Security, Distributed Interactive Systems, Networking, Multimedia Systems, Multimodal Interfaces, Peer-to-Peer Systems, Pervasive Computing, Content-Distribution Networks.

Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Asymptotic Analysis; Combustion; Complex Systems; Diffusive Processes; Earth Sciences; Fluid Dynamics;
Materials Science; Mathematical Biology; Scientific Computing; Social Systems; and Waves

Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Financial Engineering; Healthcare Engineering; Humanitarian Logistics; Optimization; Organization Behavior and Technology Management; Production and Logistics; Social and Organizational Networks; Statistics for Enterprise Engineering; Stochastic Modeling and Simulation

Materials Science and Engineering

Art Conversation Science; Biomaterials; Ceramics; Composites; Energy; Magnetic Materials; Materials for Electronics and Photonics; Materials Synthesis and Processing; Materials Theory, Computation, and Design; Metals; Nanomaterials; Polymers; Self-Assembly; Surfaces and Interfaces

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics; Manufacturing; Systems; Design; Biosystems and Health; Nano/Microscience and Technology; Energy and Sustainability; and Multiscaled Simulation

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