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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Students must successfully complete all 48 courses of the curriculum or demonstrate equivalent experience. Students who interrupt their programs of study for an extended time during which degree requirements are changed will normally be held to the new requirements. Students who encounter curriculum changes during their period of enrollment may choose to follow any curriculum during that period but must meet the requirements completely. In addition to and independent of the requirements set by the McCormick school there are additional restrictions and requirements set by the departments. Students must also satisfy the Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR).

Master's Degree Requirements

A thesis or project may be required for the M.S. degree. When a thesis is required, the time of study is usually twelve to twenty-one months. A Master's degree can be completed in one academic year of full-time study for those programs in which a thesis is not required. There are several professional Master's programs which may be completed on a part-time basis. There is also a full-time, 2-year Masters program, MMM, which is a joint degree program between the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering. Students receive the MBA and Master of Science in Design Innovation.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of three years beyond the B.S. degree; the typical time is four or more years. A dissertation is always required for the Ph.D. degree. During the early phases of a Ph.D. program, while taking course work, the student is expected to determine an area of interest, select a dissertation adviser, and begin research.