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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


The Ohio State University has a competitive admission process in which students are considered for admission based largely on their academic performance and credentials. We seek individuals whose application proves to us that they are prepared for the academic rigor of the Ohio State classroom. But that’s not all we’re looking for. We’re looking for people who show evidence that they are not only smart but willing to lead; who see strength in diversity of people and ideas; who seek collaboration when solving problems; and who make use of all opportunities to figure out what kind of impact they want to have in the world.

Undergraduate Admissions:
• We evaluate each applicant in terms of 10 criteria, listed below (in no particular order), which are meant to measure the merit of academic achievement as well as personal interests, talents, accomplishments and challenges.
1. Successful completion of the minimum college prep requirements (see Table 1)
2. High school performance (class rank and GPA), including participation in accelerated programs like Honors, AP and IB
3. ACT/SAT scores, with writing (see "Important information about test scores," below)
4. Ability and desire to contribute to and engage with a diverse campus community
5. Leadership, co-curricular and work experiences
6. Status as a first-generation college student
7. Demonstration of outstanding talent in a particular area
8. Academic competitiveness of the high school
9. High school performance if adversely affected by physical, mental or learning environment factors
10. Eligibility for and likelihood of benefiting from organized support services at Ohio State
• We review each application thoroughly. To arrive at the most appropriate admission decision, each application is reviewed by at least two members of the admission committee.
• We evaluate each applicant holistically. We don’t select applicants based on any single criterion. All criteria are considered as part of our review of the whole person.
• Additional requirement: Ohio State requires that you receive a diploma from a chartered high school or GED to enroll.

Graduate Admissions minimum academic criteria:
• Credentials documenting prerequisite academic work that gives evidence of ability to pursue a graduate program in your chosen area.
• An earned 4-year undergraduate or higher degree from an accredited institution.
• Minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0
• Required submission of GRE or GMAT scores if undergraduate or graduate GPA is below the minimum of 3.0 or if degree is from an unaccredited institution.


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