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Student Design Projects Description

The two-semester senior engineering design sequence engages teams of students, typically two to four students, in an interdisciplinary activity. The objective is to provide engineering students with supervised experience in the process and practice of engineering design. Each team has a different project, chosen by the students or the course coordinator from among projects suggested by industrial contacts and faculty. The teams then pursue their project from conception to realistic design. Each team has a faculty advisor; the team is expected to meet with the advisor weekly.

The first semester is devoted to defining the problem and starting the design. Students do a literature search and develop a work plan. The semester concludes with a team written report and an oral design review. The design review must be passed before the team is allowed to proceed to the second semester.

In the second semester, the team prepares a revised work plan for what they are expected to complete. During the semester the members do periodic written and oral reports. The sequence concludes with a final written report and a formal oral presentation before the faculty and students.