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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

Everything we do in our School of Engineering is based on the recognition that the true goal of engineering is to make people’s lives better. We educate our graduates to have the perception that enables them to recognize needs, the skills and knowledge to design solutions, and the vision and energy to engage in creative enterprises for the good of the world. With these goals in mind we aspire to form our students in an environment that provides a distinctive engineering learning experience to educate the next generation of innovators who can better the world we live in. Engineering education at our School of Engineering comprises a unique set of signature elements

- An approach to design thinking within the framework of modern engineering education promoting a CDIO (conceive-design-implement-operate) methodology to engineering practice.
- An interdisciplinary education introducing our students to pertinent approaches and immersing them in knowledge from the liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences.
- A “computation across the curriculum” approach which integrates modern forms of computing into traditional engineering content in an organic way, fostering both horizontal and vertical integration of realms of meaning in the sciences and engineering.
- Modern forms of content delivery, where we take full advantage of latest-generation computational systems and interactive content to provide a learning experience that is both deep and engaging.
- A two-semester capstone design experience that engages student teams in significant design problems with realistic constraints.