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Purdue University Northwest - College of Technology - 2017

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Engineering Technology Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Each Bachelor of Science Degree program in the College of Technology is comprised of 120-credit hours of required courses to be successfully completed for graduation. The Bachelor of Science degree programs include: Construction Engineering & Management Technology, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Computer Graphics Technology, Computer Information Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology; Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Mechatronics Engineering Technology.
In addition, each degree program requires the following: 2.0 GPA, 32 credit hours residency at 3xx/4xx-level at Purdue University Northwest, and completion of a plan of study based on student admission date.

Master's Degree Requirements

- Three core courses (9 credit hours),
- Four primary area courses in the area of concentration (12 credit hours), and
- Three courses in technical electives (9 credit hours), which totals 30 credit hours for Coursework Only Option OR
- Three courses in technical electives (9 credit hours) plus two-semester project under supervision of faculty advisor (3 credit hours), which totals 33 credit hours for Directed Project Option;
- 3.0 GPA