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Purdue University Northwest - College of Technology - 2017

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Engineering Technology

Expenses & Financial Aid

Student Group(s): In-State / Out-of-State

Undergraduate Group 1 Undergraduate Group 2
Tuition & Fees: $7,581 $17,129
Room & Board: $2,733 $2,733
Books & Supplies: $1,500 $1,500
Other Expenses: $6,541 $6,541
Estimated avg. course load per term: 15 15
Does your institute have any special programs or fee structures for the expenses category "All Students"?: Yes
Note: Student Group: Living with Parents; See PNW Financial Aid website for expenses for on campus, off campus student groups:

Special Programs or Fee Structures

Students paying Indiana Resident tuition and enrolled in more than 15 credit hours will receive a 10% tuition only discount on the credit hours over 15. The discount does not apply to students whose fees are discounted or remitted such as Children or Spouse of Staff, Children or Spouse of Official Retirees, Purdue Staff, Graduate Staff, Senior Remissions, or Concurrent Enrollment, etc
Also see Differential Fees and other fee structures in: .

Financial Aid Information

Required financial aid forms

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Additional Financial Aid Information

In addition, the following scholarships are available to Technology students: College of Technology Freshman Scholarships; Sydney Smith Memorial Scholarship; Sydney Smith Talent Scholarship; Charles Award; Crowel Construction Management Scholarship; C.R. Hutton Endowed Scholarship; Kaiser Aluminum Scholarship; Sam & John Maniotes Scholarship; Clare & Lucy Osterle Scholarship; Fred and Louise Rowley Scholarship; Patrick Sharkey Memorial Scholarship; Sori Family Merit Scholarships for CMET; School of Technology Class of '67; Sori Family Scholarship; NWI American Public Works Association Scholarship; Tony DiVincent Memorial Scholarship; C.E. Miller Scholarship; Winthrop Taylor Memorial Scholarship; Valerie Brady Scholarship; Schwingdendorf Engineering Scholarship; Jerome Hyndman Scholarship; Women in Engineering & Technology; PMMI Claude Breeden Scholarship; Haas Foundation Scholarship