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Engineering Information

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College of Engineering and Technology is home to the Kimmel School of Construction Management, the School of Engineering + Technology and the Center for Rapid Product Realization.

The School is focused on two equally important and interlocking goals :

Academic programs enhanced by project-based learning to prepare our students for success in their careers.

Faculty engagement in productive partnerships with business and industry for economic development.

Project-Based Learning

First, by providing project-based learning, we ensure that our graduates are well prepared for success in their careers. Our students are mastering their academic studies in Engineering and Technology and in Construction Management; they are actively involved in using what they are learning. By tackling real projects drawn from industry, they are acquiring hands-on experience in team work, problem solving, goal setting, conflict resolution, deadline management, effective planning, and other critical skills. They graduate with theoretical and practical knowledge as well as actual proof that they can use their knowledge to accomplish results.

Productive Partnerships

Second, we offer expertise and technical resources to business across the region. Through the Center for Rapid Product Realization (the Rapid Center), we provide product-development services and business counseling to inventors and entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies. With a full range of professional software and equipment all in one place, our faculty and staff help business partners refine their existing products, develop new ones and improve business processes. At the same time, we invite project sponsors to pose challenging problems for students and to mentor their progress in working on innovative solutions. The combined success of our partners and sponsors contributes to economic development throughout the Southeast.