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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Whether first-year applicants are enrolled in public, private or home school; North Carolina or out-of-state school systems; or high school equivalency programs, they must earn a high school diploma or its equivalent and satisfy the Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) as established by the UNC Board of Governors:

- Four units of English
- Two units of social studies (one in U.S. history)
- Four units of mathematics (algebra I, algebra II, geometry and an advanced unit of mathematics beyond algebra II)
- Three units of science (life science, physical science and a laboratory course)
- Two units of one language other than English


Competitive grades and class rank (if applicable):
WCU assesses the academic performance in the classroom of first-year applicants using as much information as is available, including:

- Weighted and unweighted GPA
- Grades in core subjects
- Grades as compared with classmates at your school (i.e., class rank and class profile information)
- Most recent grades
- Performance in honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or other competitive high school courses
- Performance in early or middle college courses or other college dual-enrollment courses (Note: College transcripts should be sent at the time of application for any coursework already completed, and a final official transcript for all coursework attempted is required.)
- Competitive SAT I or ACT scores:

First-year applicants (including early college applicants and other high school students with dual enrollment or advanced standing credits) must submit either the SAT I (which includes the writing component) or the ACT with the writing component.

Applicants are encouraged to take the same type of test at least twice (once in the spring of the junior year and once in the fall of the senior year) and may consider taking both the SAT I and ACT based upon score results.