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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Our research tackles grand challenges. We work to make transportation lighter and safer, and to reduce our dependency on the fossil fuel economy. We develop better and cheaper medical devices for the developing as well as the developed world. We invent materials and systems for tomorrow’s applications: biomimetic materials (for shape-changing aerospace surfaces), advanced bio-manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing (of human tissue systems).

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Biomedical Engineering

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Chemical & Biological Engineering

The Department has a long tradition of research excellence. It has established a world-class reputation in several areas of chemical engineering science including fluid-solids contacting, pulp and paper engineering, heat exchanger fouling and, more recently, biotechnology.
The Department is actively engaged in applied research, CHBE faculty-led research provides innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing local and global challenges to industry and society.
Energy and Fuels: Sustainable clean energy and fuels supply and use
Natural Resources: Managing and maximizing the value of Canada’s forest and fossil carbon reserves
Environment: Mitigating climate change/pollution; Clean water and biodiversity security
Health: Rising medical costs in the face of aging population; Cancer and other deadly diseases
Industry: Increasing pressure from emerging economies
Solutions to the above challenges are inextricably linked to our understanding of complex chemical and biological systems.

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Civil Engineering

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Clean Energy Engineering

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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Engineering Physics

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Geological Engineering

Research in Geological Engineering:
Faculty members in the Geological Engineering program have research interests in the following general areas:
landslides, debris flows, runout analysis, hazard assessment
groundwater hydrology, groundwater contamination & remediation, reactive transport modeling, environmental geochemistry
rock mechanics & rock engineering, open pit & underground mine design, tunnelling
Other research areas include geotechnical engineering, environmental geology, economic geology and applied geophysics. Students are encouraged to consult individual faculty members for information about current research areas.

Materials Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mining Engineering

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Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Advanced Materials & Processing Engineering Laboratory

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Clean Energy Research Centre

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Pulp & Paper Centre

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