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Engineering Technology Information

College Description

Engineering Technology College Description and Special Characteristics

The College of Engineering Technology at Ferris State University is known for its diverse degree programs, its excellent reputation for high quality education, and the success of its graduates. The College of Engineering Technology has one of the highest enrollments of any college of engineering technology in the United States.

Unique aspects of the college are the quality and practicality of its degree programs that are enhanced by close relationships with members of leading edge companies and professional organizations. All of the faculty members in the college have worked for several years in the industry before becoming academics and they bring this expertise to the classroom. The professors are passionate about helping students succeed in the classroom and in their careers.

Additional facts about the College of Engineering Technology include:
* Graduates of the college are prepared for leadership positions in the industry where they develop, apply, and manage technology.
* The college offers eighteen specialized Bachelor of Science Degrees and thirteen Associate in Applied Science Degrees.
* The college has a reputation for excellence in education and responsiveness to business and industry.
* The close ties that the college maintains with members of the industry provide students with opportunities for internships and high paying industry positions upon graduation.

Students in the College of Engineering Technology participate in a variety of professionally affiliated societies and organizations that offer excellent networking opportunities, competitions, and events such as student competition teams, registered student organizations, professional organizations and student activity groups.

The College of Engineering Technology has four schools.
School of Automotive and Heavy Equipment Engineering Technology, School of Built Environment, School of Computing and Engineering Technology, and School of Design and Manufacturing.

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