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Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Project Title: EMRSIM
Client: Nursing Practitioner Professors
Project Description: A nursing application to simulate hospital software that nursing practitioners use with their iterations with patients. It provides a testing and grading platform for nurse practitioner professors’ and students’ simulations.

Project Title: New CBU Library
Client: California Baptist University
Project Description: The intent of this capstone project is to provide the client with a general overview of the design, logistics, cost, and schedule associated with the construction of a new student library here at California Baptist University.

Project Title: Natural Language Processing
Client: Dr. Creed Jones
Project Description: Software that uses NLP to generate a three sentence summary of a supplied Document.

Project Title: Indoor Navigation App
Client: Dr. Mark Gordon
Project Description: Create a mobile application that can aid students and visitors in finding their way to their destination through scanning QR codes.

Project Title: On Campus Parking Structure (Lancer Lot)
Client: Steve Smith/Mel Mercado
Project Description: We are designing a parking structure to be placed in Lancer Plaza next to the new CBU Entrance. Out “Lancer Lot: will be six stories high and hold over 1,000 parking spots.

Project Title: James South Improvements
Client: California Baptist University
Project Description: Our project consists of renovating the south, four-story wing of the James Building in order to bring the building up to California Baptist University’s standard. Our project includes BIM designs, project schedule, layout, estimate, and analysis based on surveys conducted of the current residents.

Project Title: CBU Glaucoma Sensor and Mobile Application
Client: Dr. Matthew Rickard
Project Description: Mobile application that pairs with a CBU glaucoma sensing device. Allows you to take photos, view data, and track patients glaucoma status.

Project Title: Process for the Conversion of Human Waste to Electricity
Client: Government utilities in Delhi, India
Project Description: The plant design will take directly from sewage lines and convert the biomass into electricity through a process known as an aerobic digestion. The process will min-imize pollution from waste disposal, while providing relatively clean energy, which ultimately supports India’s effort to become more developmentally sustainable by using part of the power produced to run the facility.

Project Title: Modern Airport Design Engineering
Client: Ontario International Airport
Project Description: Upgrade the International Arrivals terminal to support future growth and create a space that emphasizes on passenger comfort, passenger experience and

Project Title: California Baptist University Campus Entry Road Expansion
Client: CBU Facilities and Planning Services
Project Description: Widening of Magnolia Avenue at the main entrance of California Baptist University in order to add an additional left turning lane leading into the campus. The addi¬tional left turning lane will reduce the congestion at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Campus Drive enabling for safer flow of traffic on the Westbound side Magnolia at peak traffic times.

Project Title: Waste Plastic to Fuel Upcycling for Developing Countries
Client: The City of New Delhi, India
Project Description: To design a process and industrial plant specifications for converting municipal solid waste plastic into a usable consumer fuel. The location chosen for our plant was New Delhi, India because of key factors such as dense population, lack of recycling infrastructure and major environmental and human health impacts due to the excessive amount of untreated plastic waste.

Project Title: Automated Planter
Client: Mr. Todd Gordon
Project Description: The goal of this project is to design an automatic planter for use in small fields that have cover crops.

Project Title: Transportation Engineering, Transportation Network Analysis
Client: California Baptist University Facilities and Planning Department, Contact: Steve Smith
Project Description:Team H.A.K.Y.’s goal is to deliver a campus wide transportation project model that improves the traffic, and safety of the campus by providing multiple traffic imple-mentations and data collection.

Project Title: CBU Wind Tunnel
Client: Dr. April Si
Project Description: Design and build a closed-loop wind tunnel for the CBU college of Engineering for demonstration and experimental purposes.

Project Title: Assistive Childbirth Device
Client: Dr. Mark Gordon
Project Description: Current delivery assisting methods, though they reduce the required frequency of cesarean reaction can cause significant harm to both the mother and infant. This project aimed to develop an assistive childbirth device that improved the current methods of informing complicated deliveries by increasing the strength of contractions.

Project Title: Correctly Sized Sports Equipment for Developing Children
Client: Dr. Mark Gordon
Project Description: The goal of this project is to design a scalable line of sports equipment that will allow children to use proper technique while learning the sport as they grow up.

Project Title: Magnetic Water Desalination
Client: Dr. April Si
Project Description: Provide a system that will take salt water and desalinize it by using magnets.

Project Title: Magnetic Cooling
Client: Dr. Amanie Abdelmessih
Project Description: The project consists of using magnets and special metal to lower the temperature of a system.

Project Title: Robotic Ankle Trainer
Client: Dr. Seung-Jae Kim
Project Description: The RAT (Robotic Ankle Trainer) was created to help regain strength and mobility of the ankle for those who suffer from significant limitations on gait functions as a result of a neurological disorder.

Project Title: Reducing Bone Loss in a Zero Gravity Enviroment
Client: Dr. Mark Gordon
Project Description: We created a device that is intended to be worn on astronauts’ legs. The device transits force to the bones in the leg, which stimulates bone growth.

Project Title: Fabrication Rotisserie
Client: Dr. Daniel Clark
Project Description: The fabrication rotisserie is a machine designed to assist the fabrication process for projects that weigh under 2000 pounds. This machine can also be used as a display to continuously rotate objects 360 degrees around one rotation per minute.

Project Title: Basic Utility Vehicle
Client: Dr. Keith Hekman
Project Description: Design and build a basic utility vehicle for use in developing countries.

Project Title: Glaucoma Sensor
Client: Dr. Matthew Rickard
Project Description: Design a wearable diagnosis imaging system in order to improve the traditional methods of Glaucoma monitoring.

Project Title: NAO Tour Guide Robot
Client: Dr. Grace Ni
Project Description: Team members were challenged to enable the NAO Robotic Tour Guide system to navigate and move autonomously throughout a predefined location using RFID and other components. The main goals for the project were to improve the existing mobile platform by developing a functional drive system, implement RFID based autonomous indoor navigation, and implement obstacle avoidance.

Project Title: GRN Roaming Wi-Fi Hotspot for Gospel Material
Client: Mr. Kevin Horan
Project Description: Providing gospel material to people all over the world in numerous languages and dialects. People with Wi-Fi enabled devices will be able to connect to our device and obtain the Gospel material.

Project Title: Internet-of-Things (IoT) Sprinkler System
Client: Mr. Ilyoul Lee
Project Description: A sprinkler system that utilized the Internet of Things.

Project Title: Peak Energy Shaving System
Client: Dr. Seunghyun Chun
Project Description: Using software to control power flow from solar batteries and grid for the purposes of saving electricity costs.