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University of Pennsylvania - 2017

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department



Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Computer and Information Science

Computer and Information Technology

Computer Graphics and Game Technology

Electrical and Systems

Embedded Systems

Integrated Product Design

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics



Scientific Computing

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Center for Analyzing Evolved Structures as Optimized Products

Center for Engineering MechanoBiology

Center for Health, Devices and Technology

Center for Targeted Therapeutic and Translational Nanomedicine

Digital Visualization Center

General Robotics, Automation, Sensing, and Perception Laboratory

Institute for Biomedical Informatics

Institute for Medicine and Engineering

Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter

Linguistics Data Consortium

Penn Engineering Research and Collaboration Hub

Penn Institute for Computational Science

Penn Research in Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering (PRECISE)

Physical Sciences in Oncology

Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Warren Center for Network and Data Sources