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Alternative Fuels Team

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) is a student organization that researches, designs and implements vehicle modifications for use with alternative fuels, such as ethanol, propane and hydrogen. Team members are from a variety of academic backgrounds, including all engineering disciplines as well as other Faculties. Part of the role of UWAFT is to represent the University of Waterloo at various alternative fuels competitions around the world. UWAFT is one only two Canadian teams that will be participating in EcoCAR 3: Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. General Motors Corporation (GM), the Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada have developed this competition to challenge students to design and build advanced propulsion solutions, improve aerodynamics and utilize clear alternative fuels. This competition will run for three years and includes 17 teams.

Formula SAE

The UW Formula SAE team consists of over 30 undergraduate and graduate students from three Faculties, prominently Engineering. It designs, engineers, manufactures, and races an entirely new formula-styled prototype race car every year from the ground up.

Concrete Toboggan

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNTCR)is an annual undergraduate engineering competition focused on exposing and promoting engineering innovation and excellence at the student level. The GNCTR began in 1974, as a joint venture between the American Concrete Institute and the University of Alberta. Since its initiation, the GNCTR has challenged its participants to use creativity, skill, and innovation in the design and construction of a concrete toboggan.

Solar Race Car Team

The Midnight Sun Solar Race Team is the largest student-run project at the University of Waterloo. It involves undergraduate and graduate students from every discipline in Engineering and from other Faculties across the University of Waterloo. Every two years, it designs and builds a solar-powered car to race in the American Solar Challenge and the World Solar Challenge. Additionally, the team participates in a large number of public events with the intention of raising environmental awareness. In 2004, the team captured the Guinness World Distance Record for the longest single journey by a solar-powered car.

SAE Baja Team

The Waterloo Baja Team is a team of Waterloo Engineering Students who design, build, test and race an off-road vehicle in an annual SAE Baja competition. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Baja competition itself is two days of events that put the team's vehicles to the test. Examples of testing/competing are acceleration, top speed, skid pull, hill climb and maneuverability events. The main event in the competition is a grueling 4 hour endurance race.

Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group

The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group is a team of University of Waterloo students from a variety of engineering disciplines who are developing a series of fully autonomous flying robots for entry into the International Aerial Robotics Competition. The objective of this multi-year competition is to push the envelope of technology by seriously challenging students to accomplish near-impossible mission objectives. The goal is to build a fleet of air vehicles capable of flying three kilometres, identifying target buildings, entering the structures and navigating inside to obtain visual reconnaissance information. This must be done within a period of 15 minutes and without the help of any crew.

Robotics Team

The University of Waterloo Robotics Team was founded in 2003 by undergraduate students who wanted to explore their interest in robotics. The team has grown to over fifty active members, with students representing several engineering disciplines as well as other Faculties. Each term the team decides which competitions to enter, some of which have included the Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge, the Eastern Canadian Robotics Games and the International Ground Vehicle Competition. The Robotics Team also hosts the annual Mini-Sumo competition at the University of Waterloo.