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University of Waterloo - 2017

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Engineering Information

College Description

Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

Co-operative Education

Participation in Waterloo's co-operative education program is mandatory for all undergraduate students in Engineering. Under this program, students alternate between academic terms in class and co-op work terms during which they obtain between 20 months and 24 years of valuable paid work experience.

Exchange Programs

Waterloo's Faculty of Engineering has an extensive exchange program that is offered to undergraduate students.

School of Architecture

Waterloo Engineering benefits from the presence of a renowned high-quality School of Architecture housed within the Faculty of Engineering. Architecture brings to the Faculty many collaborative and synergistic research, learning, and cultural opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Nestled in Canada’s Silicon Valley, the University of Waterloo is intensely entrepreneurial by nature, surrounded by tech sector icons and startups dedicated to innovation and developing new technologies with global impact. Waterloo’s unique inventor-owns-it IP policy, coupled with programs and support for new venture creation has produced a culture of collaboration, creativity and relentless risk-taking " cultivating some of Canada’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. On the global stage, Waterloo is continuously recognized as the most entrepreneurial school in Canada. Matched with international accolades for our academic programs in the engineering and tech-related fields of study, we are producing the next generation of highly skilled and innovative leaders.