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Texas A&M University - Kingsville - 2017

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Student Projects

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AEEN- Jim Glusing
1. TAMUK Recreation Center
2. The Wet Cloud
3. New Boys and Girls Club
4. A Miniature HVAC System on Wheels for Classroom Application

CEEN - Pat Leelani
1. Rehabilitation of Santa Gertrudis
2. TAMUK Circle Improvement
3. TAMUK Parking Garage
4. Reroof of Engineering Complex Building
5. Drainage of L. E. Ramey Golf Course
6. Santa Gertrudis Bridge
7. Corral Street Improvement
8. Bike Lanes of Santa Gertrudis
9. Golf Course Driving Range
10. Greenway Master Plan
11. Brownlee Lift Station Relocation

CHEN - Matt Alexander
1. Dimethyl Terephthalate from p-Xylene
2. Production of L-phenylalanine
3. Production of Cumene from Benzene
4. Production of Heptenes from Propylene & Butenes
5. Phenol from Cumene/Benzene
6. Acetaaldehyde from Acetic Acid
7. Synthetic Gasoline from Natural Gas
8. Production of Fuel Ethanol from Corn/Other Feedstock
9. Production of Olefins from Methanol
10. Production of Isobutylene from Isobutane Dehydration
11. Production of Ethylene Glycol via Hydrolysis of Ethylene Oxide
12. Production of Maleic Anhydride from Benzene
13. Production of a Gasoline Oxygenate
14. Production of Triethanol Amine

EEEN - Chung Leung & Lifford McLauchlan
1. Automated Sorting
2. Cloud Based Monitoring Lithium Ion Battery
3. Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
4. GPS Bus Tracking System
5. Ice Hockey Mechanism Using IR Sensors
6. HVAC Controller
7. Permanent Magnet Powered Generator
8. Wireless Sensor Node with Energy Harvesting
9. Wireless Wind Sensor Node
10. Active and Reactive Power Estimator

CSEN - David Hicks
1. MAGIC++: A 3D Open World Game to Teach Computer Science and Mathematical Concepts
2. See. Spot. Park.: A Real-Time System to Track Available Open Spaces in Parking Lots
3. A 3D Printed Robotic Prosthetic Arm
4. Fingerprint Scanning Integrated Handgun

EVEN- Lucy Camacho
1. Constructed Wetland Design for the City of Kingsville Wastewater Treatment Plant
2. Improved Removal of Gaseous H2S Emissions from Flue Gas Using a Wet Scrubber.

MEEN- Grady Isensee
1. Heat Exchanger
2. Wheelchair Lift
3. Exo-Skeleton
4. NASA Project
5. Human Powered Vehicle
6. Luggage Cart
7. Prosthetic Arm
8. Underwater Turbine
9. Mud-Motor
10. Handgun Safety/Fingerprint Recognition
11. Diesel Engine
12. Fire Fighting Robot
13. Water Tube Boiler

NGEN- Jose Cabezas & John Chisholm
1. Basic Design of a Formation Water-Reinjection Pumping Station
2. Basic Design of a Gas-Lift Compression Station
3. Basic Design of an Oil-Tank Battery
4. Basic Design of Low-Pressure Gas Recovery System at an Oil-Tank Batter