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Western Michigan University - 2017

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College offers four-year undergraduate degree programs in engineering, engineering technology, and applied sciences. The faculty members of the College combine scholarly knowledge with practical experience to provide an outstanding educational experience in and out of the classroom. Experiential undergraduate programs including laboratory experiences, student design groups, undergraduate research opportunities, internships/co-op/practicum/professional field experience opportunities provide for a rigorous presentation of theory and its practical application. Students receive individualized attention from full-time faculty in the classroom and in projects. Seniors are required to complete a capstone, team-design project presented at a college-wide conference.
Master programs based on thesis, project, or coursework and a number of Ph.D. graduate programs supported by the expertise of our faculty are available. Much of the graduate research is industrially sponsored balancing fundamental science with relevant applications. The college is home to several interdisciplinary research centers.