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Wichita State University - 2017

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The number of credit hours ranges from 128 for Computer Science, 128 for Computer, Electrical, and Industrial, 134 for Mechanical and Engineer for Manufacture, 135 for Aerospace, and 133 for Biomedical; including 9 hours in basic skills, 18 hours in humanities/fine arts and social/behavioral sciences, 32-53 hours in mathematics/natural sciences, and 50-74 hours in engineering topics.

Master's Degree Requirements

Three options are available: (1) The thesis option requires a minimum of
24 hours of coursework plus a minimum of 6 hours of thesis (2) The directed project option requires a minimum of 30 hours of coursework plus a minimum
of 3 hours of directed project (3) The coursework option requires a minimum of 33 hours of coursework (36 credit hours in the department of electrical engineering and computer science). Before the MS degree is granted, candidates in the thesis option must pass an oral examination over the thesis; candidates in the directed project option must give an oral presentation and submit a written report on their project; and candidates in the course work option must pass a written examination.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The PhD Plan of Study normally contains about 60 hours of course work, including courses from the master's degree. There must be at least 15 hours in the student's major field and 18 hours outside the major area. The 18 hours must include a minimum of six hours in a minor area and a minimum of six hours in mathematics/statistics. The Plan of Study must also include a PhD Dissertation of at least 24 hours. A comprehensive examination is required. At least two semesters shall be spent in residency on campus involved in full-time academic pursuits. The student must defend the dissertation before the dissertation committee.