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California State University, Fullerton - 2017

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Student Design Projects Description

Concrete Canoe
Steel Bridge
Two-story Multi-family Housing Project
2015 Seismic Design Competition organized by EERI
Influence of Rainfall on Stability of Hill Slopes
Use of Soil Reinforced Panels to Reduce Seismic Shaking on Structures
Characterization of Soil from Landslide Area
Design of Economical Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Wall for Challenging Field Situation
Integrating Sustainability in Project Management for Construction Industry
Optimization of Construction Equipment Maintenance Schedule to Reduce Ownership and Operational Costs
Innovative Techniques in Construction Practice to Reduce Project Completion Time
Analysis of Causes and Trends of Project Cost Overruns and Schedule Delays in Saudi Arabia
Construction Equipment Fleet Management for Sustainability and Clean Environment in California
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Pricing and Policy Development for Sustainability and Clean Environment in California)
Optimization of the Cogeneration & Renewable Energy at Water Treatment Facility
Construction Recourse Level Optimization
Sustainability in Cement Industry
Algal Biofuels from Brewery Waste
Impact of Greenroofs on Photovoltaic Panel Efficiency
Uptake of Dioxane into Poplar Trees using Arduino-controlled Reactors
Assessment of Standard Components of Domestic Wastewater
Field and Laboratory Measurements of Water Quality
Parametric study of coupling beam properties on system performance
Inelastic component modeling of coupling beams
Nonlinear modeling of coupling beams using Ansys
Development of a friction damping device for vibration control in bridges
Innovative Architectural Components for Eco‚Äźfriendly Housing

Autonomous Intelligent Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation System
Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Robotic Arm
Data Acquisition and Image Processing System for a Miniaturized Fluorescence Microscope
System for Identifying Available Spaces in Parking Structures
Robotic Interior Reconnaissance System
Pulsed Radar Receiver
Machine-Learning Correlation Tool
Street Scanner Project
Design and Implementation of a Sample Return Robot
Design and Implementation of an Indoor Autonomous Quadrotor

Solar Energy Charging System Design
Trigger Switch FCU (For V2 AEG Gearbox)
Solar Charger and Tracking System
Automatic Temperature Monitoring System
Wirelessly Transmitting Data from UAV to Ground Station
Wireless AC Power Outlets
Piezoelectric remote ‚Ä" Using Energy Harvasting Mothods to Create a Batteryless Remote
A Linearly Polorized Patch Antenna for Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), a Circularly Polarized Multiband Patch Antenna, and a Reconfigurable Patch Antenna
Calculate Multipath Using GPS/ INS Integration
Dancing Water Fountain
Data Display Formula Society of Automotive Engineers
Light Tracking Animatronic Eyeball
Line Following Racecar
Monophonic Octave Generator: The MOG
Photovoltaic Generator
Pneumatic Shifting System with LED Heads up Display
Portable Energy Harvester
Smart Cam 1.0
Sound System:Using Pre-Amp and Speaker Protector
Stomp Box Audio Modifications
Surveillance Rover
Wireless Induction Charging Station

Formula Car Design
Baja Car Design
CSUF Mars Rover
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design
Robotic Arm Automation Challenge for Bristol Industries Corp.
Disney Project: Weld Inspection Optimization
Roller Coaster Brake Inspection for Walt Disney Imagineering
Disney Bolt Inspection
Automating a Manual Biomedical Hemming Process for Heart Valve Replacement for Edwards Lifesciences Corp.
Exoskeleton Lower Leg Prosthetic Foot Design for iWalk Inc.
Assisted Living Exo-skeletal System
Modular 3D Printer Design
Validation of Energy Conservation Strategies for Sustainable Building Design Mandates
Motorcycle Body Fairing Design and Optimization

Arduino Fun
Archery System Design Enhancement
Augmented Reality: Interactive Circuit Tutorials
Automated Vegetable Chopper
Bristol Industries Automation
Conductive Analyzer
Chop it Drone
Computer Aided Bench Press System
Cloth Folding Machine
Citrus Hacks and Hack UCI Hackathons
Doorbell Shocker
Disney Material Loss on the Track Trail
iWalk Design Improvement
Magnetocaloric Refrigeration
Nat-car Design
Rocket Engineering
Security, Reliability and Performance Study on Data Migration from Enterprises to Public Cloud
Smart Home Water Monitoring and Leak Detection System with Notification