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California State University, Fullerton - 2017

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil & Environmental Engineering

(1) Research on the reduction of Trihalomaethane formation potential by using MnO-Coated Media, (2) Event/fault tree development for risk analysis of dam gates and associated operating equipment, (3) Energy recovery and emission reduction, (4) Dynamic shear strength of slickensided rupture surfaces,
(5) Contamination threats to water systems: Interception and mitigation tools, (6) Energy and Environmental Management, (7) Modeling flow and transport in groundwater, well hydraulics,
contaminant source identification, parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification, (8) Bioremediation and phytoremediation

Computer Engineering

(1) Spatial audio and digital filters, (2) High performance computing, (3) Intelligent systems, (4) Verification and testing of VLSI circuits and systems, (5) VLSI and FPGA implementation for advanced signal processing and communication algorithms for digital wideband receivers, (6) Biologically-inspired electronics and designs, (7) Power/performance tradeoffs in the nanoscale domain, (8) Leakage power reduction in digital systems, (9) Computer performance analysis and evaluation, (10) Low Power FPGAs, (11) Biomedical circuits and systems.

Computer Science

(1) Databases, (2) Knowledge discovery and pattern matching,
(3) Bioinformatics, evolution computation and machine learning,
(4) Web-based telecommunications link analysis and operation tool, (5) Software Engineering, (6) Network and system security, (7) Computer Graphics, (8) Computer Games, (9) Storage and cloud security, (10) Computational geometry, (11) Graph drawing, (12) Cache-efficient algorithms

Electrical Engineering

(1) Design of qualification test anaylsis for wide area augmentation system, (2) Research of differnetial GPS with latency compensation,
(3) Development of a manufacturing system simulation, a logistics repair system simulation, and a combined manufacturing and logistics repair system simulation and to exercise these simulations to perform various analyses, (4) Robotic Ground Vehicle Design

Mechanical Engineering

(1) Computer Aided Design,
(2) Application of fiber optical sensors for vibration damping of continuous structures, (3) Assistive technology needs for older adults, (4) Human motion planning with reduced mobility with the goal of developing novel technologies to facilitate the recovery of patients with neurological disorders, (5) Combustion of traditional and alternative fuels

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Collaborative Research and Prototype Development

Advanced Design & Manufacturing
Prototype Development


System Security
Virtual Machine Checkpoints
Cloud Computing and Security
Big Data
Social Computing
Network Security and Cryptography