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Student Design Projects Description

(1) CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 708. Chemical Engineering Design. Capstone senior design course. Introduction to cost engineering. Application of acquired skills to design of chemical processes. Individual major design project required.

(2) CIVIL ENGINEERING majors are required to take, at a minimum, the following design courses: CiE 760 (Foundation Design), CiE 774 (Reinforced Concrete Design), one elective design course from a list of 9 design courses in the department, CiE 784 (Introduction to Project Planning)and CiE 788 (Project Planning and Design). CiE 784 & 788 are the capstone design courses in which actual design projects are presented to the class, students elect a project, and the project is performed as a team. Team sizes range from 2 to 7 students. The project involoves: delineation of the problem and objective, the engineering analysis and design, environmental/social/economic analysis, and final designs, plans, and report. All projects require a formal presentation to the client. Clients for these projects have included: towns, planning agencies, builders, developers, industry, and the State of New Hampshire. Past projects have included:
Landfill Closure
Buildings (Churches, storage structures, etc.)
Water Treatment plants and processes
Wastewater treatment plants and processes
Geotechnical field investigations
Water supply systems
Detection and assessment of soil and ground water contamination

(3) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 791 & 792. Senior Design Project. Required for graduation. Capstone engineering design project that draws on previous coursework and involves many of the following features: synthesis, analysis, alternative approaches, modeling, construction, simulation, testing, and evaluation. Designs must consider realistic constraints such as time, economics, safety, realiability, functionality, social and environmental implications, practicality, etc. Oral and written reports are required.
Past projects have included: Microstrip Antennas in Diversity Schemes for Wireless Local Area Networks; Design of a World-Wide Site for the ECE Department; A Home Theater Power Woofer; Micro-Controller for Lumbar Massage Module; A Java Multi-editor. Normally taken by EE seniors in conjunction with other technical electives or work experience. It is writing intensive.

(4) ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING students in the Municipal Processes emphasis are required to take ENE 788 - Environmental Engineering Senior Design Project. The course focuses on a project associated with the annual student competitions held in New Mexico each spring. In addition some students will participate in projects related to Students Without Borders (part of Engineers without Borders). Students in the Industrial Processes emphasis take Industrial Process Design ENE 708, which is the capstone senior design course.

(5) MECHANICAL ENGINEERING students can take either ME 755 & ME 756 (Senior Design Project I & II) or Tech 797 (Undergraduate Ocean Research Program).

ME 755. Senior Design Project I is part one of a year-long open-ended design experience required for all ME seniors. Undertaken individually or in teams under faculty guidance. Part I emphasizes project proposal development, design alternative evaluation, and a final design report. Typically taken in semester 7.

ME 756. Senior Design Project II is part two of a year-long, open-ended design experience required for all mechanical engineering seniors. Undertaken individually or in teams under faculty guidance. This course emphasizes the development and testing of the design proposed in the first half of the course. Typically taken in semester 8.

Tech 797. Undergraduate Ocean Research Program. Students work as members of interdisciplinary project teams on contemporary ocean-related problems under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Student team defines problem, prepare a budget, conducts literature surveys, engages in dialogue with experts in the ocean community, deals with vendors, designs and builds a working engineering model, gathers and analyzes scientific data or conducts a comprehensive study, makes interim reports, and defends the results before a jury of experts. A year-long effort.

Examples of Mechanical Engineering ME 755-6 Senior Design Projects are as follows:

The Mini-Baja East Competition - Each year the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) sponsors a Mini-Baja competition for undergraduate engineering students throughout the U.S. and Canada. The objective of the competition is to give engineering students a chance to practice what is learned in the classrooms. The premise behind the competition is that an engineering design team has been given the project of producing a vehicle prototype for evaluation as a production item. The intended sales market is the non-professional weekend off-road enthusiast. The manufacturing firm is planning to produce four thousand of these units per year at a cost of less than twenty-five hundred dollars each.

The vehicle must be safe, fun to drive, easily maintained, and be capable of negotiating rough terrain and deep water without damage. Each vehicle will be judged on the engineering design, safety, and cost. The performance of the vehicle is demonstrated at the annual competition where the vehicle is evaluated in such areas as acceleration, maneuverability, strength, and endurance. Such events as slalom, chain pulling, and braking may be used to evaluate the vehicle. Following these events each vehicle is entered into a four-hour endurance race. The competition winner is determined based on the total points accumulated at the conclusion of all events. The engineering challenge to the design team is to design and fabricate a prototype vehicle that best meets these goals.

CATSAT Project - This is an interdisciplinary project. The nature of the project is to build a space craft including the scientific instruments, and to operate it in space. There have been 6 M.E. senior project groups involved in this project so far.

Moon Buggy Competition - Human powered vehicle for Moon Buggy NASA competition.

(6) OCEAN ENGINEERING students take Tech 797 (Undergraduate Ocean Research Program).

Examples of Tech 797 Project:

Oil Recovery System (ORS) - Mechanical Engineering seniors asembled a portable, flexible oil skimmer. They tested this system at the Sprague-Newington oil terminal in NH by collecting a slick consisiting of popcorn (not real oil).

Design of a Single Point Anchor - The purpose of this project is to design and test a lightweight anchor which would be remotely placed in the ocean bottom to hold acquaculture sytems.

(7) ENGINEERING PHYSICS take PHYS 797, Senior Design Project. Required for graduation. Participation in senior design projects in collaboration with other Engineering departments is strongly encouraged, although design projects associated with the Space Science Center provides design opportunities within the Physics Department.