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Student Design Projects Description

Students complete senior design projects in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and telecommunications engineering. These courses focus on the detailed design, implementation, and testing of a system or component of a system under the guidance of a faculty member. Students are encouraged to work in teams which include collaborative design interaction, but may work on individual projects as well provided there is a collaboration component. All students must submit a written report and make an oral presentation of the culmination of the project.

UTDesign gives companies an opportunity to enlist teams of senior engineering and computer science students on industry projects that are the capstone of students’ undergraduate education. Companies can propose one or more projects, and then a student team is assigned to each project selected. Working under the guidance of a faculty adviser, the team maintains regular contact with a mentor from the companies. At the end of the project each team provides a written report and makes a presentation. The team’s performance is evaluated jointly by the company and the faculty using the same criteria applied to all senior-design projects.