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University of Missouri - 2017

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Engineering Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
  1. Medical Imaging
  2. Cell Mechanics
  3. Biomass-Based Products & Food Engineering
  4. Biomass-Based Products & Food Engineering
  5. Biosensing & Bioimaging
  6. Cell Electrophysiology and Sensing
Chemical Engineering
  1. Materials synthesis, fabrication, characterization and processes for more sustainable energy and water applications
  2. Computational materials science of catalysts and membrane systems for sustainable energy and water cycles
  3. Biomaterials and immunoengineering research geared toward biomedical innovation
  4. Development of novel energy harvesting, energy storage, and energy efficient devices for sustainable energy applications
  5. Applying algorithms and control models for more energy-efficient and sustainable chemical processes
  6. Pharmaceutical research and development focused on biomedical innovation
  7. Practical application of novel pedagogical models to mold engineering leaders
Civil and Environmental Engineering
  1. Structural Engineering, Non-Destructive Testing, Explosion Resistant Design, Structural Retrofit
  2. Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Foundations, Slope Stability
  3. Transportation Engineering, Simulation/Modeling, Safety, Geographic Information Systems, Intelligent
  4. Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Membrane and Process Engineering, Environmental Nanotechnology, Water Treatment and Reuse
  5. Water Resources Engineering, Hydrological Engineering, Remote Sensing, Hydrology
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  1. Computational theory and language
  2. Cyber-security
  3. Bioinformatics and computational biology
  4. Distributed computing and computer networks
  5. Computer graphics and image processing
  6. Information management systems
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  1. Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  2. Sustainability in Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing and Production Systems
  3. Operations Research and Big Data Modeling/Analytics
  4. Human Systems Integration, Industrial Ergonomics, and Occupational Safety
  5. Biomedical Innovations and Healthcare and Service Systems Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  1. Sustainable Energy Systems
  2. Thermal Systems
  3. Structural Health Monitoring
  4. Microscale heat transfer
  5. Ultrafast Laser-Material Interactions
  6. Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites
  7. Metamaterials
Nuclear Science & Engineering
  1. Very High Temperature Reactor Experiments and Modeling
  2. Radiation Transport, Modeling and Applications
  3. Nuclear materials, security, safety and nonproliferation
  4. Aerosol Mechanics, Rarefied Gases and Reactor Safety
  5. Medical Applications of Radiation
  6. Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Sensor Systems