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Tuskegee University - 2017

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering

CO2 capture and storage, membrane separation, physico-chemical water and biological waste water treatment, microfluidics for materials processing, pulp and paper process engineering, biodiesel from vegetable oils with honeycomb monolithic catalysts, nanocomposites of graphene aerogel for energy storage applications.

Electrical Engineering

Power systems, multiresolution signal/image analysis, target detection and tracking, artificial intelligence in control systems, big data, machine learning, micro and nanofabrication, computational intelligence, portable sensors, data analytics, security and privacy, wireless networks, cyber physical systems, portable energy storage, advanced materials for photonics.

Materials Science & Engineering

Thermoset polymers, static and dynamic characterization, fiber reinforced composites, nanocomposites, foam core sandwich, nondestructive evaluation, durability of nano-phased polymeric composites, nano biomaterials, polymer composites, carbon materials, high temperature polymeric materials, computational mechanics, experimental and finite element analysis.

Mechanical Engineering

electric propulsion, fracture and failure analysis, corrosion, additive manufacturing, degradation of materials under extreme conditions, processing and characterization of nano-phased composites, fuel cell, flow diagnostics, microfluidic actuator design, rail steel repair, flood damage mitigation, energy efficient nanostructured cementitious compounds.

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