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Tuskegee University - 2017

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Subject Areas of Research

Subject Areas

  • Bio-nanocomposites
  • Biochar: CO2 Sequestration and Soil Amendment
  • Egg shell nano-particals synthesis
  • Experimental Investigation of Complex Vortex Dominated Flow
  • High Efficient High Fidelity Computational Schemes
  • Hypervelocity Impact Analysis of Space Materials
  • Nano-structured thin films and coatings
  • Portable Smart Platform for Detection of Biological Pathogens & Chemicals
  • Railroad rail head repair
  • Super Sonic Flow Mixing Using Ultrasonic Microactuators
  • Synthesis & Electrochemical Characterization of Graphene/Metal Nanocomposites
  • Testing and Evaluation of Materials and Components under Combined Environmental Conditions
  • Tin Whisker Growth under Hygrothermal and/or Corrosive Environmental Exposure
  • Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks