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City College of the City University of New York - 2017

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Minimum credits 126-134, depending on major; minimum cumulative GPA: 2.0; minimum GPA in major 2.0; credit residency requirements: 30-36

Master's Degree Requirements

Minimum credits : 30-31; minimum GPA: 3.0; completion of 6-credit thesis OR 3-credit project OR 1-credit seminar OR 0-cr report.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

At least 60 credits of approved graduate work, consisting of 48 credits course work and 12 credits Dissertation Research, including the course requirements in the field of specialization. (Note: These requirements are in the process of being revised to provide more flexibility in the ratio of coursework to research, depending on individual students needs).