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Student Design Projects Description

Clinic: Pioneered by the Department of Engineering in 1963, the Engineering Clinic brings together teams of juniors and seniorsâ€"working with faculty advisors and external liaison engineersâ€"to solve real problems for clients in the public and private sector.

Clinic students plan and execute their projects; faculty members advise, coach, monitor, evaluate and provide feedback; and the liaisons ensure that the sponsors’ goals are achieved and that the design experience corresponds as closely as possible to what engineers encounter in actual practice. Thus, the questions and problems that student teams face are typical of those regularly confronted by practicing engineers, and the solutions they devise must work in practice, not just in theory.

Introduction to Engineering Design and Manufacturing (E4): Design problems are, typically, open-ended and ill-structured. Students work in small teams applying techniques for solving design problems that are, normally, posed by not-for-profit clients. The project work is enhanced with lectures and reading on design theory and methods, and introduction to manufacturing techniques, project management techniques and engineering ethics. Enrollment limited to first-year students and sophomores, or by permission of the instructor.