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University of North Dakota - 2017

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Engineering Information

College Description

Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The primary mission of CEM is to provide students a broad
general education coupled with strong fundamentals that prepare
graduates to successfully fill important positions in professional practice
in industry and government. Program graduates will have a solid
background in technical subjects, i.e., mathematics, science, engineering
science and design, the ability to think and work accurately, breadth
and clearness of vision, and high ideals and purposes. CEM’s further
mission is to engage in research and scholarly activity that contributes
basic and applied discovery to enhance knowledge and student
learning while being of benefit to the state, region and nation.
The College of Engineering and Mines further provides engineering
programs of equal quality, via distance education, to industry and
individuals through the Distance Engineering Degree Program (DEDP).
Continuous and on-going assessment of student learning in accordance
with specific program outcomes, including input from program
constituents such as students, alumni, employers and industry advisory
groups, provides opportunity to measure success and effect
program improvement in meeting the mission of the College of Engineering
and Mines. The mission of the College includes engineering
programs being accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering
and Technology (ABET).