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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Automatic Admission is granted to high school graduates entering as freshmen and transfer students with less than 24 semester hours of transferable credit, whose ACT and GPA scores correspond with our Admission Chart. In addition, you must meet the high school core requirements - English (4 units), Math (3 units of Algebra I or above), Lab Science (3 units), Social Studies (3 units).

Admission Chart
ACT & SAT Score Range H.S. GPA Range
18-36 ACT / 860-1600 SAT 3.50 " 4.00
19-36 ACT / 900-1600 SAT 3.00 " 4.00
20-36 ACT / 940-1600 SAT 2.75 " 4.00
21-36 ACT / 980-1600 SAT 2.50 " 4.00
22-36 ACT / 1020-1600 SAT 2.25 " 4.00

SAT and ACT scores considered for UND admission, consist only of the math and verbal sections. The writing section is not measured on either test.

You should still apply for admission even if your GPA or ACT don't meet automatic admission standards. Your application will be reviewed by a committee that will look at all relevant information to make their admission decision.

Students over 25 aren't required to submit an ACT or SAT score.


Below is the least of courses at the secondary level which are
required for admission:
• Four units of English, including the development of written and oral skills;
• Three units of Mathematics, including Algebra I and above;
• Three units of Laboratory Science, including at least one unit each
in two or more of the following courses: biology, chemistry, physics,
or physical science;
• Three units of Social Studies, excluding consumer education, cooperative
marketing, orientation to social science, and marriage and family.
The Student Academic Standards Committee may deny applicants
who meet the core curriculum requirements but are evaluated to
be high risk candidates for success at UND due to a low ACT
composite score or a low SAT combined score, and/or a low
grade point average.