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The Engineering Clinic concept is a signature component of Rowan's engineering curriculum. Patterned loosely after the medical education model, the clinic is the place where students, faculty, theory and engineering applications converge. It is the place where students learn first-hand about engineering under the guidance of engineers, in a project-oriented manner. The Engineering Clinics are a continuous and substantial part of the curriculum, totaling 20-24 hours varying from two to four hours every semester over the four years.

The Engineering Clinic delivers on the following goals of the Rowan Engineering program:

Hands-on - Have students use what they're learning about.

Integrated - Demonstrate correlations with supporting course work.

Multidisciplinary - Involve students as a community of problem solvers.

Teamwork - Emphasize the advantage of effective teaming.

Communication - Develop excellent oral and written communication skills.

Entrepreneurial - Reinforce value-based engineering.

Contextual - Help students understand the big picture.

The Engineering Clinics for first-year students focus on basic, introductory skills. In the second year, engineering students are introduced to multidisciplinary action through a number of projects. In the third and fourth years, students participate in team projects that feature joint ventures with industry partners.