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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

**The College of Engineering at Rowan University offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical & Computer, Engineering Entrepreneurship, and Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Engineering degrees. The College offers common lecture and laboratory courses to facilitate the highly interdisciplinary and project-oriented programs which are important hallmarks of the program. Faculty and students work together in an environment that promotes teamwork and solutions to complex multidisciplinary problems.**

**The Rowan Engineering curricula include the most successful innovations in engineering education. The focus is on technical excellence, communication skills, and a well-rounded general education. Mathematics, science, and computer science courses are linked to engineering applications in Engineering Clinic courses. The Clinic courses provide opportunities for students to explore engineering applications and participate in engineering projects beginning in the first year.**

**The engineering curricula provide for a hands-on, team-oriented approach to a highly interdisciplinary education. Students from all disciplines work together on projects beginning in the Freshman Clinics. This continues in the Sophomore, Junior and Senior Engineering Clinics. Students are exposed to key technology areas and business and social/ethical issues. In addition, they develop the technical and communication skills that make Rowan engineers a valuable asset for the region and the profession.**

**The Rowan engineering curricula are designed to educate engineers who will serve as change-agents in the future. Technical excellence, outstanding communication skills, exposure to key technologies, business and ethics in a hands-on, team-oriented environment are the hallmarks of the programs. Rowan engineering programs offer a diverse student body the best possible in engineering education.**