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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


The Office of Admissions carefully considers each application it receives and selects candidates who will be academically successful, contribute to student life on campus and benefit most from the Rowan experience. Admission decisions are based on the strength and quality of the student's high school record, SAT I (or ACT) scores, grade point average, letters of recommendation and projected ability to complete a degree program. Extracurricular activities and employment experiences are also considered. An interview is not required except in early admission decisions (students wishing to enter after their junior year of high school).

Applicants must have completed a minimum of 16 college-preparatory units in high school. Two years of foreign language study is strongly recommended. Chances for admission can be improved by selecting challenging academic courses and taking more than the 16-unit requirement. Courses in accounting, fine arts and computer science are not considered academic units and do not count towards the 16-unit requirement. High school curriculum should include (at minimum) the following:

4 units - English
2 units - Laboratory Science*
3 units -College Prep Mathematics* (Algebra I and II, and Geometry)
2 units - Social Studies
5 units - Additional work in at least two of the following: History, Languages (minimum 2 units in one language), Mathematics, Science or English.


*Engineering applicants should have 3 units of laboratory science including Physics and Chemistry and 4 units of college prep. Math including Pre-Calculus. Calculus is strongly recommended.