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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The Schulich School of Engineering is building a reputation as one of the most progressive engineering schools in Canada, and the first choice for talented, creative and community minded engineers. It now supports:
- close to 3,500 full-time undergraduates;
- close to 1,100 graduate students;
- almost 160 faculty members;
- 35 internationally recognized research chairs;
- five traditional engineering disciplines (chemical and petroleum; civil; electrical and computer; geomatics; and mechanical and manufacturing);
- innovative hands-on classroom and out-of-classroom learning experiences;
- unique specialization degree programs (biomedical engineering, project management, environmental engineering);
- combined degree program: Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce
- specialized research centres (bioengineering, environmental, in-situ energy, and pipeline engineering);
- advanced research facilities;
- strong support of companies through advisory councils and an engineering associates program.

The Schulich School of Engineering (SSE) has experienced significant success in research, teaching and service responsibilities over its 40 year history, with accelerated activity and recognition over the past five years. The SSE has been committed to enhancing the quality of its programs and impacts in the community through strategic and targeted programs and initiatives. Its goal is to become the top engineering school in Canada.

In 2015, the SSE launched a five-year strategic plan to provide the foundation for future development with the following vision and mission:

As a community defined by energy, enterprise and excellence " both on our campus and in the city of Calgary " we will become the Canadian school of engineering recognized for our student success, our celebration of diversity and our leadership in research that makes a difference.

By embracing emerging approaches to educating future engineering leaders and through pivotal research findings, the Schulich School of Engineering will make a significant positive impact in discovering solutions to the complex problems facing our planet and society.

The $25 million gift by Mr. Seymour Schulich, which was matched by the Province of Alberta, has provided a significant boost to the SSE in terms of confidence and ability to provide critical support to students. Key investments have been made in scholarships, student clubs and teams, as well as field trips for academic exchanges, industry tours and conference attendance. Results of these investments are already evident in student satisfaction and national reputation.